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Say hello to the team at South Ridge

Meet Our Staff Team

Our dedicated team and passionate volunteers are committed to helping people take a next step. Our "staff" team is made up of paid employees/contractors and volunteers* that lead the daily operations of South Ridge. Got questions for the team? Contact us by clicking the email of the person you're trying to reach.

Allyson Hartley, Groups Coordinator

[email protected]*

Chris Tucker, Security*

Jeff Gelzinis, Guest Services Coordinator

[email protected]*

Jeff Geyer, Lead Pastor

[email protected]

Jenny Geyer, Waumba Land Coordinator

[email protected]*

Jesse Stovall, Music Coordinator

Kelley Miller, Bookkeeper

[email protected]

Megan Whitley, Summer At The Ridge Director

[email protected]

Nicole Bressler, Communications Coordinator

[email protected]

Shannon Solomon, UpStreet Coordinator

[email protected]*

Stacie Hubbard, Student Coordinator*

Tim Brumfiel, Online Campus Manager*

Meet Our Elder Team

This team leads the directional oversight of South Ridge. Got questions for the team? Contact them by clicking here.

Stewart Emenheiser

Jeff Geyer

Scott Hartley

Chad Hubbard