Regathering Update Families are invited to meet in person on 1st and 3rd Sundays. Read More


Families are invited to our outdoor in-person gatherings on 1st and 3rd Sundays now through July.

What do I need to know?

We'll be meeting at Rocky Run Elementary School (95 Reservoir Road Fredericksburg VA 22406) outdoors on the soccer field starting at 9 am on 1st and 3rd Sundays through July 18.

Here’s all you need to do:

  1. Pack lawn chairs and an optional umbrella/tent for shade. We have three tents available for use.
  2. Show up at least 15 minutes early by following the signage directing you.
  3. Stop by the Guest Services tent as we offer refreshments, programs for adults, and fun packs for our kids.
  4. Enjoy the gathering!

What will happen at the gathering:

  • A host will welcome and provide some direction throughout our gathering
  • Sing (or listen) to 2-3 songs performed live (Lyrics will be provided on the main page)
  • Listen live to the same message as our online campus
  • Take time to pray and debrief on the message with live Q & R

What if it rains?

The website will be updated Sunday morning at 8 am IF the in-person gathering is canceled.

What is the COVID-19 protocol?

We encourage personal responsibility. Some families wear masks and others do not. We offer PPE on site for those who request (hand sanitizer, disposal masks, plastic gloves). We do offer temperature checks and have enough green space for social distancing.

Is childcare provided?

At this time, no. We're unable to offer our quality environments outdoors at this time.

Why in-person and online?

Our leadership has discussed at length about re-gathering on Sundays as the pandemic is getting closer to an end. As of now, our plan is:

  • Continue to grow our online campus by:
  • Continue to offer online Sunday gatherings every Sunday at 10:30 am EST;
  • Continue to offer on-demand weekly teachings for preschool through high school; and,
  • Offer an interactive online family experience on 5th Sundays (1/31, 5/30, 8/29, and 10/31).
  • Begin to re-launch our Fredericksburg campus by:
  • Offer in-person Sunday gatherings twice a month starting in March 7, 2021;
  • Offer monthly in-person gatherings for Transit starting in February; and
  • Offer monthly in-person gatherings for UpStreet starting in May.

The decision is for two reasons:

  • Continue to limit mitigation of the virus and the flu; and,
  • Continue to save and use the money we're saving to invest into the new facility (we believe it's financially responsible to save the money we'd pay in rent and put into the new facility). As of now, we're unable to meet inside of the school until further notice.