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We offer limited assistance throughout the year to families in financial need.

Financial Assistance

South Ridge will make benevolence determinations based on the following criteria, application and approval process. South Ridge will make payment directly to the vendor of benevolent request or provide approved applicant with gift card as determined by staff approval. At no time will recipient receive cash or personal check payment directly from South Ridge. 

Criteria for Benevolence:‚Äč

  • Complete benevolence application form
  • Does not have the means to provide basic food or shelter
  • Has experienced disaster (fire, tornado, flood, etc.)
  • Requesting scholarship or financial assistance with mission trip or summer camp
  • Is experiencing a severe family crisis
  • Is a victim of crime
  • Applicant or family is experiencing a catastrophic medical issue 



  • South Ridge receives request for benevolence
  • Applicant completes benevolence request form and is submitted to staff for approval.
  • The request is reviewed by the staff member receiving the request for required information. Then the request is given to the lead pastor, who approves or denies request upon review. 
  • If application is denied, the lead pastor contacts applicant and informs them of decision.
  • If application is approved, the staff member or lead pastor shares application with finance and acquires funds for benevolence.
  • The staff member purchases gift card or instructs finance to pay benevolent bill (no funds are to paid directly to applicant except through a legal third party). Funds should be disbursed by gift card or check written directly to vendor.
  • The staff person follows up and provides applicant with benevolent disbursement.
  • Benevolent approvals and amounts of disbursed funds should be entered into the church database for future reference.
  • Bookkeeper prepares monthly benevolence report, which is accessible to staff and board of elders.